Let’s see.. I moved to Portland, OR at the beginning of March and have since setup my Mastering studio here at home. I love the process of mastering and helping artists enhance and complete their final sound. And I’m just a nerd who enjoys this subtle art.

I also run sound at The Doug Fir Lounge and occasionally at The White Owl Social Club. I love producing and mixing at various studios here in the Pacific Northwest including K Records’ Dub NarcoticRobert Lang Studios, and Red Room. However, I am always open to traveling and checking out new studios.

This summer was a busy one. I started it off running sound for The Good Life on a short west coast tour. From there I flew to Mexico City to mix Suuns at the music festival Ceremonia. After just a few days at home, I flew back to California to begin rehearsal with The Velvet Teen (playing synth and piano.) We flew to Philadelphia and opened for Foster the People on a short tour where I got to perform in front of more people then I have ever seen in my entire life. That tour ended in Chicago where I met up with EMA to run sound for their tour opening for Spoon.

Needless to say, after a decent amount of traveling, I’m stoked to be back home in Portland. I’ve already begun composing a whole new batch of works and I’m excited about the mastering projects I have coming in. Go ahead and e-mail me! I love it here.. ~ Ephriam Nagler


Current projects, upcoming events, et cetera..

10 October

EMA / Spoon

Gimme Fiction produced by John Vanderslice is an amazing record by Spoon. I hadn’t really looked into the background of that album until this tour and of course it was no surprise to hear about JV’s involvement in producing that record at Tiny Telephone. Although I’ve never worked there, I’ve visited several times and have continually been […]

15 September

The Velvet Teen / Foster the People

I love The Velvet Teen. And sure I’m biased as my brother is in the band, but that makes it all the more fun. It was so insane to have one of my first shows with them in a basketball stadium at Penn State opening for Foster the People! This tour was awesome. I’ve worked many many […]

18 August

Suuns – Mexico City

So Mexico City is incredible! I had only been to Tijuana and Juarez before which are both border towns and in a completely different category of city. Matt Jones and I played a show in Juarez back in 2008 at a place called The Line Bar. Such a crazy scene but we had a great time. […]