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3 October

Tour Photos for The Owl Mag

I have begun my photojournalism career! Take a look at The Owl Mag posts I have put together: Installment I Installment II Installment III Installment IV

15 October

2014 Moves On

Let’s see.. I moved to Portland, OR at the beginning of March and have since setup my Mastering studio here at home. I love the process of mastering and helping artists enhance and complete their final sound. And I’m just a nerd who enjoys this subtle art. I also run sound at The Doug Fir Lounge and occasionally at […]

10 October

EMA / Spoon

Gimme Fiction produced by John Vanderslice is an amazing record by Spoon. I hadn’t really looked into the background of that album until this tour and of course it was no surprise to hear about JV’s involvement in producing that record at Tiny Telephone. Although I’ve never worked there, I’ve visited several times and have continually been […]